Sweet Hilltop Farm, LLC

Welcome to our family owned and operated farm! Our farm is located in the green, rolling hills of Central Eastern Oklahoma.

We offer naturally grown fresh cut flowers, grass-fed lamb, and chicken, elderberry syrup, and an original line of our own handcraft natural botanical creams, perfumes, cosmetics, personal care products, as well as everyday florals, and floral event design services!

Our Mission:

It is our mission and goal to use all the wondrous bounties of plant life that this earth provides to create beauty, and improve health and wellness...without the use of harmful chemicals.

•Cut Flowers: We want to grow and provide healthy and beautiful chemical-free, deliciously fragrant flowers to bring a smile to each face that beholds them, and lift to the spirits of each person that places one of our bouquets on their table. 

•Bridal And Event Work: We want to provide peace, security, and serenity to our lovely brides so that they are not adding flower worries and stress to their special day, and can simply enjoy the moment and make precious memories that will last a lifetime!

•All Natural Cosmetics and Skincare: We have spent 15 years researching, developing and crafting all natural, innovative botanical skin care and cosmetics...without the use of harmful chemicals...and this so that in a small way we can improve the lives of our customers using all that nature has provided...instead of the cheap, harmful additives that man has derived to save on cost.

•Farming: We are committed as farmers to be good stewards of the land, to this end we practice a no chemical, no dig, natural permaculture approach to our land...which will improve the soil, yield the most abundant, healthy crops and flowers, improve the health and wellness of our customers, and allow our farm to be sustainable for generations. As well as provide a needed habitat and haven for bees and beneficial insects and wildlife.

•Overall: In all that we do, we honor God who has blessed us with everything we have, who sustains our small family through our trials, and who expects us to be good stewards over all that He has given us.

“Jennifer was an absolute pleasure to work with. She took my ideas and made beautiful bouquets for our special day. She kept me informed through the entire process, and we couldn’t be happier!”

Amanda Polito Ramsey

“Love the face serum (Rejuvenating Serum). My Daughter uses it too! And I love the Botanical Rose Cream and use it morning and night!”

Megan Beauman

(Ordered the Botanical Rose Cream) “The packaging is beautiful and the product is amazing. I love the smell!”

Stacy McCabe

About Us

Jennifer and Jay Bingham

store owner

Who we are:

Sweethilltop farm started formerly as Jenuinebeauty as an idea to help women thrive working from home. 

Jennifer Bingham the CEO developed a proprietary mineral make-up blend, and cosmetic line 

After moving to Oklahoma Jenny moved a great portion of her work to beauty and promoting health..  Jenny is a Cut flower Farmer, Florist, Crafter, and Artisan.


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Sweet Hilltop Farm, LLC

110038 N. 3690 rd. Okemah, OK 74859

Store Hours


8:00am — 5:30pm




8 am-5:30 pm